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Back from OpenDays 2014

Back from OpenDays 2014

Link to you tube videos index is already posted. I suppose slides will follow.

Version 8 should be in RC in July 

  •         New API (ORM)
  •         CMS and e-commerce
  •         New front-end views (Odoo dev will be more and more HTML crafting…)
  •         New warehouse management (quants, routes, evaluation and retrieval method)
  •         Gamification, tutorial
  •         New tooling (gitHub based)
  •         Many more small improvements on POS, surveys, marketing, mass-mailing

Strategy analysis

1) More marketing

-        Odoo has appointed a Chief Marketing Office, so the new brand, the logo etc. OpenERP claimed they were not doing marketing but in fact was doing some, Odoo now assumes this DNA change.

-        Note their plan is IMHO smart marketing as it includes developer marketing (api docs, how-to , moving to gitHub etc). Good move.

2) CMS , e-commerce, website, more users

There are much more web sites than erp instances. As open-source business is commonly based on the fremium model (only a tiny percentage of users pay for the software). The priority is ‘more users’. Having back-end and front-end integrated makes many things simpler (if you trust the security inside the system).

3) Direct sales

Well the Sass approach is direct sales, quick start methodology is direct sales so is renewal team, direct sales team etc…
The enterprise contract is support / maintenance / migration, their service offering is fixed price service for implementation, they also provide data import, web custom design.

Although they claim to be interested in only very small projects their demonstrated business case (20 employees in French speaking Belgium) is a nice company… They target small, big and finally medium market... well I think everything is the word.

Currently they don’t officially propose customization. But the fact they allow in 8 to deploy custom data modules and several times they mentioned loading custom modules on the Saas as something being evaluated, make me thinking that they don’t because of technical limitations that will be lifted off sooner or later…

Going direct requires that good accounting localization is built-in… They announced that 9 will include around 8 complete standard localizations. I guess they will start by Belgium (obvious), France probably Switzerland….

In summary, better the software is, less they need partners, more they will go direct. 

Partners must therefore think their strategy based on Odoo approach:
  •   have your clients (don’t expect leads);
  • build differentiator with software outside the Odoo scope;
  •  verticalize out of the main street erp activities;
  •  fork (small word, big work).

As stated by a colleague ‘your competitor is your best friend that’s the magic of open-source’. So is it between the editor and the partners…

OCA – Community

We had a great time at the first general assembly of the Odoo Community Association. Grouping contributing voices is a way to get a bit attention from Odoo, developing alternative migration tool and complimentary modules is a good insurance to keep the software open-source and a great place to work for independent integrator.  

Last words

I cannot forget the great times with friends and colleagues. It is always a pleasure to meet and party with you guys ! See you next year !

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