Monday, October 26, 2009

XP Clock - back to 20 minutes drift

Too bad and very strange and why 20 minutes...


XP clock trick

It is difficult for me to remember when the problem started. On my HP portable. The clock goes forward 20 minutes. I fix it. Then a bit later, well, it is back putting me in future !

I found a post on a forum:

net stop w32time
w32tm.exe /unregister
w32tm.exe /register
net start w32time

It seems to work. May be I should restart. I am very much worrying, a second PC is now having the same problem.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to python - Wingware does the job - Netbeans does not

So I am back to Open ERP and Python. I wanted to start tracing in Open ERP. The best way for me to understand the application, see how to make modifications etc. And of course hunting bugs...

I already mentioned the new NetBeans support for Python. Unfortunately the debugger is not able to debug multi-threaded application. So I give up. Going through some books and articles I found Wingware

This is not free but I think worth its moderated price. It exists for Windows & Linux. My trial is very positive.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Experimental plugins for netbeans

Configure this url in the list of the update centers...

Well, it contains at least one perk... a plugin that mimize scanning of your project!

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Vaio install venture continues

Well in spite of the added virtual memory, the Sony recovery software continues crashing when installing on a VM. So forget about my previous post, my only excuse: doing three things at the same time.

Saturday, I registered my new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Instead, of sending the classical postcard I followed the indication in their manual and went to Nice site, built by graphical nuts for sure. Don't expect to see "register your product". After some search, I went to "profile". I did not know that I had a vacuum profile... I created one and finally there, I could register my serial number. These registration processes are really the poorest applications made on the internet... Companies should put much less mony on graphical stuff and much more (that is more than zero) on use-case scenarios

Sunday, I did a bit of homework for the school of my sons. A few parents are trying to setup a library. I already  helped, building a small Java program to print stickers with barcode (believe me or not, this was a pain). Currently the inventory is done by people encoding data in spreadsheets. This last sunday, I grouped all the files together and wanted to publish it on Goodle doc. Unfortunately I never suceeded importing the file.

These week-ends are definitively too short !

For this week, I need to finish a web service written in Java with Apache Axis, get back to a customer for an Open ERP project, read a full bunch of paper concerning another Open ERP project and finally may be a bit of Joomla -- I want to try migration from 1.0.xxto 1.5.xx.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Virtual PC not for me either, so back to the future with VMWARE

Well, I recognize my ignorance. I though the so called XP Mode required the Intel vitualization. Well in fact, it seems Virtual PC has this requirement (logical in fact).

So I give up on MS Virtualization stuff. Strangely, without prompting, 7 activated itself...

I decided to try VMWARE, I requested a trial key and loaded the software. My idea is to try to use the recovery disk from the Vaio to install Vista 32 bits. I will then recover all the drivers and apps originally installed. I will use this 32 bits OS for Checkpoint access. At least that's my plan.

Unfortunately the Vaio recovery DVD crashed with a message "memory xxxxxxxx cannot be read from instruction at xxxxxxxxx" - sorry I forgot to write the exact message. I tried to run the memory diag on the VM , it passed.

By default VMWARE allocated 1GB of RAM; I tried to configure 4GB and... it worked. Well, it started to work since the re-install is still running as I am writing this. Next I will try to get back this Virtual memory...

This give me a bit of time. As most IT, I am use to throw RTFM to users but I must admit myself I don't spend that much time in the manuals of utilities or O/S. Any way I decided to go through the VMWARE workstation manual. Plenty of discoveries there that I will comment later on this blog... as soon Vista runs on 7.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

7 - Virtual PC & XP Mode

Well I will not go further on the XP Mode for the Vaio. It does not install. In fact you need the Intel virtualization extension to install XP Mode. Strange. I understand that performance could be affected but not working at all...

My processor is a t6500 I must say I did not looked at that feature. It is basically in all recent desktop processor but not for in the notebook/laptop product line.

So before considering your migration, look at you processor with the utility provided by Intel

What's next for the Vaio? In spite of this XP Mode processor issue I will try the Virtual PC (which has the benefit of being free). And I will compare it with VMWARE workstation.