Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Novell acquired by Attachmate

It sounds like the end of the dinosaurs. Novell pioneered a lot of stuff, LAN, network operating system, directory, xns, routing stuff... and much more. They built the first PC based enterprise products in my opinion.

They however always operated in an closed mode spirit. Getting spec from them was impossible for years. They were talented for secret and exasperating administrative process.And shame on them for what they did to Suse.

Why is attachmate buying them? Unclear to me. One thing is sure... I will not regret them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

OpenERP - various things

In average, the webinars organized so far were not an advertising for webex. Very poor sounds and high delays made these presentation real pains. It seems a part were from local settings... And unfortunately none of these sessions were recorder !

The last one, was probably the best (Oliver speak more slowly) and used slides instead of showing the real app. The result was much more acceptable.

I had a look at OERPScenario from camp2camp. This is a testing framework in "natural language". I agree on the target and the general concept. The implementation (in Ruby) annoys me more than anything else. 

Natural language is in this case more regexp than anything else and require ... Ruby coding. If we augment the capacity of the system, we will have hundreds of sentence to know ... is that natural?

So, it remains that currently the framework provides very few objects and  I have troubles to imagine a real test-driven project with this framework.

I will come back later on accounting stuff. V6 is for me the first release that can pretend deliver proper accounting functions (at least out of the box). I recommend following

OpenERP has changed its bug fixing policy, basically they are focusing on the trunk and fixes in stable are done only when reported through a maintenance contract. This is in theory to avoid regression. I think they also push the selling of the maintenance contract (legitimate target). My fear is that getting the next stable will take much more time on the other sides it encourages people to test during the Beta tests.