Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back to blog - GWT stuff

No this blog isn't a dead!

So, yes! I did a small application using GWT for one of my customer. Basically a small alarm panel for a backend process. Deploying was only a matter of copying files.

Since then the compiler itself went open-source, the most serious concern for the adoption of GWT has been removed.

Yet my tech-support experience dislike the idea of developping in a language for debugging and testing then translating into something else for production. What if the translation isn't correct, how can you debug life with a customer, how will you work with your code integrated in a complex web project?

The best thing in GWT is that your code manipulate the native controls provided by the browser. That's the point, this is exactly what Sun should do instead of Java applets that live in their separate containers, the Java code should be easily able to manipulate the web browser content like Javascript is able to.

So lets hope GWT will make Sun rethink about the Applet technology to make a it a first class web browser citizen.