Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Community days - some links

I think presentations are worth looking at...

Pictures of the event:
Tweets during the event:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Back from community days - OpenERP version 7.0

Here is a very short summary of the community days 2012. It is for sure not complete !

Version 7 :
- continue the interface improvement for better usability (e.g search screen, many2one field).
- simple EDI (not the EDI standard) exchange between apps and OpenERP instances.
- new, more object oriented API.
-continue improvement on the POS. In summary the POS paltform will be Google Chrome (because of better local storage capability).

Version 6 : Great news for those running version 6.0 -  they don't need to leave their Long Term Supported release to get the greatest benefit of 6.1. The web client (and also the outlook plugin) will be back-ported for 6.0. this should be available in April.

Release management: monthly release are gone, the integration and build will be done on a daily basis. This means that what you can download from will change almost every days...

Of course they were a lot of very good technical presentations  (web client, pos, q-web, API, Gunicorn, file,). I also attended one excellent presentation from Akretion concerning the e-commerce connectors... great work (but still I don't think I want to put my hands in Magento).

The last day was partners only, great opportunities to hear about business oriented  topics (support, out-of-the-box project,...).

Automating OpenERP backup on windows

Unattended backup is not compatible with prompt for password. Here is a 0 cent workaround...

set PGPASSWORD=openpgpwd
pg_dump -U openpg -f mybackupfile mydbname

Enjoy !

Monday, April 09, 2012

Deploying OpenERP Server with Gunicorn (draft)

Also some good stuff in this presentation about wsgi, load balancing etc with OpenERP...

This makes also the framework more attractive...

OpenERP core API library - great proposal !

Preparing the community days... I received a link to this presentation about API changes in the upcoming version 7.0. looks like ,excellent improvement with a lot of simplification, merging function, on_change and default mechanism is a great idea !

Meet you there !